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Lisa Plattner has been my personal trainer at Solaris for the past year and a half.  She has consistently challenged me to reach beyond what I think I was capable of doing.  She is creative in her workout plan, consistent in communicating with me about maintaining a regular routine, and I never get bored with what she teaches me and is always able to explain to me the reasons and benefits of each exercise.  I am much more confident in using the club and the equipment contained within it.  I am happy with the improvements to my physique in terms of appearance, strength, and endurance.  I always look forward to a fresh workout with Lisa.


Eileen Farina

My name is Pat Bonitatibus and I have been a club member since 2009. Two years ago I started training with Lisa Plattner, and I cannot begin to tell you what a life changing experience it has been.

I felt I was stagnant in my workout routine and frustrated because I was not seeing any physical changes. Plus my daughter was getting married and I refused to buy a matronly gown. Lisa challenged me to work hard and showed me I was capable of accomplishing physical goals I never imagined possible. As a result, I became leaner and stronger. Even more important is all of the confidence I gained. I am no longer intimidated to go on the weight floor and work out with "the guys". This assurance also carried out into both my personal and professional life.

On Christina's wedding day, my head was held high as I walked down the aisle, and I appreciated the compliments I received. All of the hard work and dedication paid off, and I am forever grateful for Lisa's support and guidance. I highly recommend personal training, as the benefits are so much more than a smaller dress size.


Pat Bonitatibus

I came back to Solaris after a ten year hiatus with the intention of training with Lisa. I remembered what a phenomenal group exercise instructor she was and heard she was also certified to train.  I have been training with Lisa for 3 months now and absolutely love our workouts. She comes to our sessions fully prepared and our workouts are always well thought out and have specific purpose. She mixes things up to make it more fun and knows a thousand different exercises to work on a particular muscle group. Lisa understands my goals and is doing everything she can on her end to help me achieve them.  She pushes me to do more than I would ever do on my own and understands my limits as well. Its a perfect balance!

Peggy Rozenzweig

I've known Lisa Plattner for six years through my relationship with Solaris. In addition, she was my personal trainer for six months last year. She always presented herself as a knowledgeable professional both in spin class and as my personal trainer. The exercise program she provided for me met and exceeded my goals, taught me the proper techniques for all the exercises and demonstrated improvement in all the targeted areas. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer who has instilled upon me the importance of proper exercise which I follow to this day.

Lorraine Harris

Outstanding master of her craft; incredibly bright with a wealth of health and fitness knowledge; expert in her field; and a warm and motivating personality that make workouts fun.   Lisa has transformed my body and mind!!

Denise Bagala

Prior to my training with Lisa, I thought I was strength training appropriately. However, after my first session with her I realized how much I needed to learn. Lisa helped to correct my form, pushed me to limits I would have never pushed myself and introduced me to a variety of exercises that I wasn't previously aware of.

Lisa has taken me to a whole new level of exercise and fitness!! She challenges me in a positive yet motivating fashion. Aside from her tremendous wealth of knowledge, Lisa makes herself available at all times and is always willing to accommodate my ever changing schedule. My training experience with her has been life changing.


Gina Kennedy

Almost 4 years ago I went to my first kick boxing class. I had enough of being overweight and out of shape. From day one, I was hooked. Traci was tough and motivating. The next year I decided to personal train. It was then my body really took on a new look. Just as in class Traci pushed me to new limits. At 53, I've never felt better and so fit.  From holding a plank for 5 seconds to over 5 minutes. My life, health and body are strong thanks to Traci.

Lisa Katz

I started personal training with Traci Burton approximately two years ago.  I train with her once or twice a week.  These sessions have enriched my life in so many intangible ways.  I feel energetic and confident and people I encounter comment  to me on how fabulous I look and how upbeat my personality has become.  Traci is in touch with your personal needs and her training program reflects this.  She mixes up her exercise curriculum and challenges me in a unique way week to week.  Traci is patient, courteous, professional and she sets you up for success.  I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get in phenomenal shape and receive a morale boost.  Traci is an extraordinary personal trainer..simple as that!

Marie Shea

The small group fitness class is not only terrific exercise but also my weight loss solution! The intensive cardio and weight training intervals are similar to boot camp; but, in only 30 minutes twice a week. The small classes enable Jenn, the trainer, to modify the activity to each person's needs. In just 16 weeks I have lost over 20 pounds and two dress sizes! Plus, I can chase down tennis balls on the court I had no hope of reaching before.

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