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Meet The Trainers


Traci Burton has been at Solaris since it’s opening in 2001, and over that time has become as much a part of the club as piece the facility’s foundation. Her dedicated following continues to grow daily—and her relationship with her students goes light years beyond that of a typical group fitness instructor. She was voted Westchester’s Best Trainer in 2013, but her disciples appreciate her even more than that. “I love that people wake up in the morning, or after a long day of work, and say: ‘I have to get to Tracie’s class.’ I have the best job in the world.” Burton, a near-lifelong Yorktown resident, teaches Body Pump, Kickboxing, Cardio Challenge and Total Body, and strives to “push people beyond what they think are their limits.” She is certified in Les Mills Body Pump, TRX, and as a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor with the American Sports & Fitness Association. Certainly, her role has expanded over time, and her job titles now may include therapist, life coach, mentor—and too many other things to mention. Whatever she provides to her students, they pay it right back. “We feed off each other,” said Burton. “They tell me their problems… and before you know it, they are sweating and de-stressing. I love that I have that effect on people.”


Matt Silver is living his dream each time he leads someone towards a healthier lifestyle. He has been a personal trainer for eight years, and has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Manhattan College. A native of Golden’s Bridge, Silver’s approach has as much to do with brain power as muscle mass. “I want to instill a love for learning to work out properly,” says the 27-year-old. “My philosophy as a trainer is all about balance: with muscular strength, physical endurance, nutrition, flexibility, rest and mental stimulation.”Silver is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, and is certified in I.F.A. (International Fitness Association), TRX, CPR and First Aid. He is currently pursuing ACSM certification in personal training as well as kettle-bell certification.


The way Lisa Plattner sees it, the formula is simple and the pay-off is huge—and that’s what has kept her as enthused about being a trainer as she was when she started 17 years ago. She stresses hard work and proper form, and feels as rich a reward as her clients do when results are achieved. As a former competitive body builder, she speaks from experience. Lisa has been certified with AFAA for 15 years, and dabbles as a fitness philosopher. “Life has not remote,” she likes to say. “Get up and change it yourself! ”


Jesus started his fitness journey as Division 1 Soccer player, Soccer Referee, then Coach. He coaches and instructs the drive, discipline & effort that made him successful to his clients and students. He specializes in strength, speed & conditioning giving his athletes the advantage over their opponents. Jesus trains his clients to get leaner, faster & stronger. He is NCSF certified and has a secondary certification from the NPTI Fitness Institute. He is also certified in SCW Meditation, SCW Nutrition, Hormones and Metabolism, and SCW Corrective Exercise and Coaching Techniques.  Jesus just completed his SRT (Soft-Stretch Release Technique) training and is now a certified specialist.